Next Steps: Jan 11

Thank you everyone who sent words of support, thoughts and prayers to us this morning. We made a trip to Iowa City yesterday for Matt’s MRI and again today for a follow-up with the surgeon and radiation oncologist. Matt’s surgical site seems to be healing just fine and the MRI shows normal healing of the brain.

As mentioned a couple updates prior, the pathology findings showed Matt’s tumor was not in the 80% of “good,” benign tumors. He falls in the less than 15% with an atypical, Grade II tumor.

The radiation oncologist determined the best, next course of action would be radiation because of the remaining 10%. It sits right on the brain stem, so you can imagine why it was left.

He will receive 34 treatments of radiation. This is daily treatments for 7 weeks. This news wasn’t the best … another 7 weeks without Matt being home??? We shared our concerns about this, because another 7 weeks away from the boys will be rough all around.

The doctor was great and said he could definitely get the radiation treatment in Des Moines — they even called John Stoddard and gave them the rundown, and set an appointment. The doctor did not push him to have radiation in Iowa City, and also said treatment could start in a few weeks when he is stronger, done with therapies, and can better tolerate potential side effects.

It may make him tired, he will lose his hair, but he also may instantly start to feel better. This is NOT a guarantee that the tumor will shrink, but it’s a guarantee to prevent it from growing.

We’re still not off the roller coaster, and we know it’s going to continue to be a long one; however, each day Matt continues to show signs of improvement.

One thing that I have been grateful for during this entire journey is the honesty of every single one of the doctors and them not letting their egos get in the way. This has given us the confidence in each one of them.