Let’s Get Started

I gave a brief overview about us in our About page. In case you haven’t been, or don’t want to click over, I’ll give you a recap below.

We are Leng, Matt, Logan, Quentin (Q) and Oliver. I bought this domain after our first big trip across the world to New Zealand the summer of 2017 as a way to share our travel experiences, and how we do it with our two boys.

We’ve been on many trips since then, but because of life I haven’t shared our travel adventures outside of Facebook, with our family and friends. I’ll eventually get to posting my journals on our travels, but what motivated me to finally get this blog up and running was not one of our journeys around the world; rather, one of life’s crazy journeys.

On November 27, 2018, we learned Matt had been living with a massive brain tumor for some time. There are so many adjectives I could use to describe our experience; but one thing for sure, it has done was give us a new perspective on life.

Let’s Begin …

Reposted from Facebook post on November 28:

Sharing per Matt’s request, but in my words.

This is tough to write. Our world turned upside down yesterday when we found out Matt has a brain tumor.

For the last few weeks I noticed a change in his speech and balance; and also abrupt sleeping and tiredness. He’d been seeing double vision for awhile and was sent to an eye specialist who prescribed him new glasses.

We happened to run into each other at lunch yesterday — there at a restaurant for 2 separate lunch meetings. He came over and said, “hi” and I noticed his speech had gotten worse. After my meeting, I called him and begged him to see a doctor. The doctor said he had to the ER.

Here we found out there has been a tumor growing in his brain for some time; maybe a couple years. It looks to be benign, but it will be a very risky (12-16 hour) surgery as it’s pressed up against his brain stem.

Right now, the plan is to send him to University of Iowa to have the surgery. At this time, we don’t know when, but he will remain in the hospital as they will transfer him.

I want to send a HUGE thanks our family, our MCC family, all of our friends, and my breakfast club for all the support. Special thanks to my friend, Melissa, who is a physician here at Mercy and is making sure sure I understand everything. I am literally overwhelmed (in a positive way) from all the love and support we have gotten from everyone.

Matt is Matt and has been staying positive, trying to break out of the hospital; wanting me to go to his office to get his computer. Another special shout out to his LSB family who is helping me with all the hard stuff and keeping his customers happy.

I’m still in complete shock, and we’ve had to have some tough conversations we weren’t ready to have — in your 30s you don’t think something like this can happen.

Matt asked me to share the “wicked” picture of his tumor.

Overall feeling: we are scared. But with your thoughts, prayers, and positive energy I know we will get through this.