Here’s to the New Year

This year we journeyed our way across the country and visited national parks in Utah and Arizona. I trekked my way to Los Angeles for a few days for work, and a couple weeks later Logan and I went on a special adventure to New York City — it had been his dream since he was 3.

In late summer Matt and I went on our first vacation alone and visited Belgium, Paris and Amsterdam. Although we enjoyed our first vacation alone, Matt and I realized we enjoy the chaos that the boys bring even more. It was almost too relaxing for us.

So, in October we packed up our things and took the boys to Iceland. We took in the country’s beauty and enjoyed the chaos and each other’s company. We loved it so much, we did not want to leave.

We did not plan on these trips. We actually said no vacations in 2018. But our friends introduced us to an airfare deals website early on in the year, and something inside of us could not pass up on the deals. I now believe all of our travels this year came to us for a reason. Little did we know, it would lead us to experience life’s biggest journey yet.

Matt’s news was not a journey we wanted to experience. It was more like a punch in the gut — why us? Why now?

This has been the absolute hardest thing we’ve ever had to go through. Never did we think he would lose his ability to talk, walk, eat, and never see normal again. I’ve played the consultation appointment in my head over and over again, I’ve read my notes — this was all mentioned. We were still processing so we didn’t hear everything.

Nevertheless, we continued and moved forward the best as we could. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. Through it all Matt has been a fighter.

Though we didn’t start the beginning to the end of the year like we had imagined, we are ending it with so much more. A bigger perspective on life. A true meaning to the phrase “you only live once.”

Two years ago I purchased the domain with all intent to share our travel experiences. I never got around to launching it. However, this experience has motivated me to finally launch our website as there is so much more meaning to our travel now — to life.

I invite you to share our story(for now, it’s copy and pasted from my FB posts).

Here’s to the New Year and many more tomorrows.