Good News & Bad News: Jan. 2

This morning Matt and I were transported via Joy Ride — the non-emergent medical transport — to Iowa City for his follow-up appointment. That’s right, NO AMBULANCE!

They removed the stitches from his surgery today. The suture from Christmas Eve remains, but we’ll be back again next week for that removal. Unfortunately we didn’t get the best of news today in Iowa City. The doctor went over the pathology report and we learned Matt did not have the “good” tumor.

Now, no tumor is good; but we were really hoping for the Grade I. The pathology report showed Matt has Grade II, atypical meningioma; meaning he has a faster growing tumor. Grade III would have meant the tumor is malignant. So there is bright side — it’s not a grade III.

I admit, the news was pretty depressing and Matt’s mood went lower than it has been. But after further discussion, Matt started to feel better. It’s still benign, but has a chance of growing back. We are meeting with the radiation oncologist next Friday to discuss next steps, and the proper course of action.

Remember 10% of the tumor was left.

Matt says he feels pretty confident with radiation.

Now let’s end today’s update with good news! We have an estimated date of discharge. After many loooong loooong LOOONG weeks in hospitals, we learned Matt may finally get to go home on Saturday, December 5.

He’ll be able to finish rehab and therapy at home. I’ll be taking advantage of having a nurse come to our house to help. As one of my good friends said, “there is not award for doing all of this alone.” And she is absolutely right.

During this transition I’ll need all the help I can get — especially now that the boys are back at school. We couldn’t be more excited about this news, but know it will be a huge transition. Maybe the boys will start behaving?

In the meantime, Matt is daydreaming about our next trip. He says once he can walk and pee on his own, he’s going to South America.

With so many ups and downs, I will say one thing for sure: this experience has been truly humbling.

Again, we could not get through without all of the help from friends and family.