Food! December 28

Today Matt was upgraded to eat “real” food that doesn’t look like baby food! He sent me home tonight with a wishlist of foods. I think this change will definitely help his spirits and healing, as eating baby-like food has been extremely discouraging for him.

After our scare — and fix — on Christmas Eve we have noticed improvements in his speech and energy. His brain was so swollen from the leak that he was simply not progressing in therapy. Since the CSF leak was fixed, his brain swelling has gone down so much that he has been showing gains in strength.

I’ve played a role in occupational therapy and learned how to help him shower and move when he comes home. From this I learned that there will be quite a few safety modifications we will need to make at home.

I am able to have conversations with Matt now, and I said to him today that I didn’t think I’d be taking care of him like this until we were 80. He said to me, “and I thought it would be me taking care of you. … ‘til death do us part.”