Few Days Home: Jan 8

Since Matt has been home we have experienced more ups and downs — we knew the transition home would not be an easy one, but we are getting along the best as we can.

Matt is definitely happy to be home. The boys are happy that he is home. School drop off has been wonderful. There are little to no more tears — when we had tears every single day for a full month. Matt’s presence has made a huge difference in their attitude. Made me wonder, maybe I could’ve printed a huge cardboard cutout of him while he was in the hospital?

Although Matt is happy to be home, we are experiencing struggles. Not having the comfort of what we are calling “professional care takers” — aka nurses, doctors and therapists — is very tough. Matt can only get around with his walker and a gait belt that I hold onto. He’s afraid of hurting me; and it takes many, many motivational talks to get him from point A to point B. The biggest challenge is having him let go of comparing himself to his pre-surgery self.

In-home nursing began today. Matt’s nurse was wonderful and we are excited to have her here. Matt will begin all three therapies in-home tomorrow. I know having them here will slowly help rid his fears, build his confidence, and help him recover. In the interim his Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Albert, who are therapists, have helped guide us with advice for his transition home.

On top of this we’ve had so much help since being home — from food deliveries (thank you, Nikki, for setting this up) to my parents taking the boys for the entire day, and friends installing safety bars around the house (thank you Mark and Carissa (Todd)) to Matt-sitting and even doing yoga with (thank you Laura and Nathan.) Not one single person has asked for anything in return, and I’ve tried.

We are truly blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

At the end of the week, we’ll learn more about what the doctors want to do with the 10% of tumor that is left, as it’s the faster growing tumor.